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Dental Work Doesn't Have to Be a Pain!

Dental Work Doesn't Have to Be a Pain!

MAKE DR. SCOTT ERLER YOUR Missoula, MT DENTIST - 406-721-1067

Teeth Cleaning, Cosmetic Dentistry, Dentures, Veneers

You don't have to be apprehensive about going to the dentist. Missoula, Montana residents are lucky enough to have the friendly and professional dental services of Dr. Scott Erler. Whether you want to enhance your smile with cosmetic dentistry or improve your bite with corrective and preventative care, trust the 40+ years of experience you'll find at the dental office of Dr. Scott Erler. Along with abundant experience, our office also features modern technology to precisely diagnose problem areas and remedy them with minimal pain. Children's Dental care is very important, and our office is very kid friendly. Don't fret the dentist, come to our Missoula, MT, dental office where we meet every visitor with a smile! Call our team today at 406-721-1067.

Cosmetic dentistry gives you something to smile about

Hollywood smiles are right here in Missoula with cosmetic dentistry!

Routine dental care such as brushing and flossing are great ways to maintain a healthy smile, but you may need a little help from cosmetic dentistry to get the vibrant smile you want. Teeth whitening,veneers, bonding, dentures and other procedures can enhance any smile. While there are many over the counter teeth whitening products available in Missoula, MT, teeth whitening procedures at the dental office of Dr. Scott Erler generate better and longer lasting results.

Veneers are a great way to instantly enhance the color and shape of a single tooth or your entire smile. Veneers, caps and crowns are also effective methods protect worn and damaged teeth. In some cases, dentures may be necessary to fully restore your smile. The dental office of Dr. Scott Erler provides effective, budget friendly cosmetic dentistry solutions for teeth whitening, veneers, dentures and more. To get an aesthetic edge you can't get from routine brushing and flossing, consider cosmetic dentistry procedures in Missoula, MT, by Dr. Scott Erler and call 406-721-1067 to learn more.

A healthy smile is a beautiful smile

Corrective and preventive dentistry in Missoula, MT

A healthy smile is the foundation for a beautiful smile. Get your healthy smile and keep it strong with corrective and preventive dentistry from Dr. Scott Erler. Our dental office in Missoula, MT, employs modern technological equipment to accurately diagnose issues and effectively treat them. Our high resolution cameras see more clearly inside your mouth, giving us the ability to spot incipient cavities long before they'd be apparent in a normal visual exam. Combine this with our low-exposure digital x-ray technology - which allows for instantaneous on-screen viewing - and you'll see why our patients gain an edge by benefiting from years of chairside experience and cutting edge advancements in the field of dental care.

We accept most insurance plans (we are a Cigna PPO, Delta Dental Premier, Allegiance, and Principal Financial Group Preferred Provider) and refer, when necessary, to some of the top oral specialists and dental laboratories in Montana. We would like to welcome you to our dental family, so don't hesitate to call us today at 406-721-1067.

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