Dentures are a method of restoring missing teeth. A complete denture can be made to replace all of the teeth or a partial denture can be made to replace a few teeth.

They can be made after the teeth have been removed or placed the same day the teeth are extracted. This is called an immediate denture.

Complete Dentures

Dentures are a prosthetic device that is designed to replace all of the patients teeth. Dentures can improve a patient's facial appearance. When teeth are absent it can lead to a sunken or collapsed appearance in the mouth.

A denture will restore the missing teeth and gum. A denture is the easiest and least expensive method to restore a normal appearance when someone has lost their teeth.

Implant Dentures

Complete dentures are hard to wear. Implants can be placed to eliminate many issues that come with wearing dentures. In an upper denture, most people do not like the palate of the mouth covered. Patients who have a tendency to gag often cannot wear dentures at all. When you have four implants under a upper denture it will hold securely so that the size of the denture is reduced by removing the palate all together. In addition, implant dentures allow the patient to use their front teeth, which is not possible with standard dentures.

The lower denture is more difficult to wear because there is no suction to hold it in place. It will constantly move and press on the gum tissues possibly inflaming the tissue. With just a few implants under a lower denture it will keep it from moving around and become secure and easier to wear.

The ability to chew is one of the biggest benefits to implant dentures. The denture anchor on the implants instead of sitting or resting on the gum tissues. They allow patients to bite harder and not have much discomfort.
Biggest benefit of implant dentures is NO MORE ADHESIVES!