Case #1

This is a case of a 8 year old girl that presented with her front tooth completely "knocked out" from a playground accident. Her tooth could not be saved and had to be extracted. The picture to the right shows the tooth missing.

This is the same patient at the age of 13 after completing orthodontics and temporary repair of her right central tooth.

The patient at age 18, after completion of growth and ready for implant restoration of her front tooth.

This is the completed care with Emax crown on front right tooth and implant plus restoration on front left tooth.

Case #2

60 Year old woman presented with extremely short front teeth. Due to years of abnormal wear. Her teeth were half of the normal length.

This picture shows patient after completion of orthodontic treatment. Teeth have been lengthened with temporary plastic restorations and crown lengthening surgery.

This is final photo, after placement of new upper and lower Emax crowns restoring patient to the size of her original teeth.

The final result.

Case #3

Patient presented with multiple teeth that had old or missing fillings. Large fractures were also present. Replacing the fillings was not an option because of the existing fractures in the teeth. Crowning the teeth was truly the best option.

Here are the final results. Dr. Erler and the patient were very happy with the results that were achieved.

Case #4

75 year old male. Presents with severe carries, tooth loss, and teeth ground down to ½ the normal size.

Final results after completed root canals, perio gum surgery, and full mouth reconstruction.

Case #5

42 year old woman that presented with enamel missing on the upper teeth and also broken teeth due to overclosure that was causing pain.

Treatment was redo of all upper teeth with crowns to fix all teeth and to have the patient close correctly, patient is no longer having jaw pain.

Case #6

72 year old female , excessive wear,
restoration of teeth with zirconia crowns.